IGTC2023 Kyoto


International Gas Turbine Congress

2023 Kyoto

13th Congress in Japan




November 26-December 1, 2023

Kyoto, Japan


Gas Turbine Society of Japan







First Circular & Call for Papers



Papers concerning all aspects of gas turbine, turbocharger, steam turbine and energy conversion system technologies are invited.


Important Dates


Oral Presentation:

  Deadline for submission of Extended Abstract:       Mar. 31, 2023

  Notification of acceptance:                                      May 31, 2023


Full-length Paper for JGPP* (Optional, Applicant only):

  Deadline for submission of full-length paper:          Jul. 31, 2023

  Publication:                                                              After the Congress


* JGPP: International Journal of Gas Turbine, Propulsion and Power Systems (https://www.gtsj.or.jp/english/jgpp/)


Extended Abstract for Oral Presentation

Prospective authors are requested to submit an Extended Abstract, which should be written in 2-4 pages including a few figures and tables in the format of the JGPP. All Extended Abstracts will go under peer review by Scientific Committee. As a general rule, please limit the number of abstracts submitted to one per author (except co-authors). Authors are requested to pre-register for the Congress.


Full-length Paper to JGPP (Optional)

Authors will be encouraged to submit a full-length paper, which should include the detailed methodology and discussion, to the JGPP. The peer review will be performed rigorously and rapidly in line with the JGPP policy, and the accepted papers will be published on the JGPP after the Congress.


Electronic Proceedings

Electronic proceedings, including accepted Extended Abstracts in PDF format, will be provided to participants of the Congress in a compact data storage device.


Official Language

The official language of the congress is English.





Kyoto City

The congress will be held in Kyoto, which was the capital of Japan until 1869 and was the political center of Japan for over 1000 years. Kyoto is one of the most historical and cultural city in Japan. For further tourism information, please visit the “Kyoto Travel Guide” website:



Kyoto International Conference Center

The congress venue is the Kyoto International Conference Center (ICC). The venue can be reached from Kansai International Airport by limited express train "Haruka" (75 min.) and subway (20 min.). For further information, please visit:



草, 屋外, 建物, 羊 が含まれている画像





All inquiries for the congress should be addressed to:

Gas Turbine Society of Japan

7-5-13-402 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN

   Fax: +81-3-3365-0387

   E-mail: contact@igtc2023.org



Welcome to IGTC2023

The Executive Committee has scheduled the 13th International Gas Turbine Congress (IGTC) in the autumn of 2023. The last IGTC was successfully held in 2019 in Toranomon Hills, located in the central part of Tokyo, with 488 participants and 178 presentations.

Papers related to any aspects of gas turbine, aero-engine, turbomachinery and energy conversion system are invited from all over the world. Plenary Lectures, Keynote Lectures and Panel Discussions will be arranged in addition to the General Sessions.

An exhibition related to gas turbines, energy systems, turbochargers, accessories, parts, materials, instrumentation, software, etc. will be held at the congress site. Technical tours, welcome reception, and banquet will also be planned.

The Executive Committee cordially invites you to join the IGTC2023 for up-to-date information exchange and net-working.


Message from GTSJ President



自動的に生成された説明Yasushi Fukuizumi

President of Gas Turbine Society of Japan


It is my great pleasure to announce that the International Gas Turbine Congress 2023 Kyoto (IGTC2023 Kyoto) will be held in November. This is the 13th international congress organized by the Gas Turbine Society of Japan (GTSJ). On behalf of GTSJ, I would like to welcome the participants from all over the world. The Plenary, Keynote and Panel sessions will be also planned by the Executive Committee including the panel topics of future aircraft propulsion technology from manufactures’ point of view and turbine technology development for low carbon society. GTSJ intends to provide a global platform for engineers, researchers and users to exchange ideas and results as well as to promote personal networking, with a focus on gas turbines, propulsion, and energy systems. With increasing demand for CO2 reduction, our global collaboration in the energy sector is one of the most important factors for ensuring environmental sustainability in the future. I look forward to seeing you in Kyoto.




Welcome Reception:                Nov. 26 (Sun)

Technical Sessions:                  Nov. 27-30 (Mon-Thu)

Banquet:                                   Nov. 29 (Wed)

Technical Tours:                         Dec. 1 (Fri)




The topics of papers to be presented include but are not restricted to the following areas:


  Aerodynamics and Design

  Combustion, Fuel and Emissions

  Control and Diagnostics

  Cycle Innovation

  Testing Technologies

  Heat Transfer

  Materials and Manufacturing Technologies

  Operational Experiences, Reliability and Maintenance

  Renewable Energy Technologies

  Structure and Dynamics

  Aircraft Engines

  Industrial Gas Turbine and Power Systems

  Small Gas Turbine and Turbochargers

  Steam Turbines




An exhibition related to gas turbines, turbo machines, related power systems and their accessories, parts, materials, instrumentation, application software, etc. will be held concurrently at the congress site exhibition hall.




We are asking the following related societies from abroad for their collaboration:





Prof. Frans A. E. Breugelmans                   (Belgium)

Dr. Hany Moustapha                                   (Canada)

Prof. Chunwei Gu                                       (China)

Prof. WeiGuang Huang                              (China)

Prof. Xiaofeng Sun                                     (China)

Prof. Joerg R. Seume                                 (Germany)

Dr. Alexander Wiedermann                        (Germany)

Prof. Anestis I. Kalfas                                 (Greece)

Prof. Pradeep Amboor Madathil                  (India)

Prof. Alberto Traverso                                 (Italy)

Prof. Hyung Hee Cho                                 (Korea)

Prof. Seung Jin Song                                 (Korea)

Prof. Reza S. Abhari                                   (Switzerland)

Prof. Graham Pullan                                   (UK)

Dr. Michael Wilson                                      (UK)

Dr. Chunill Hah                                           (USA)

Prof. Wing F. Ng                                         (USA)

Prof. Terrence W. Simon                            (USA)

Prof. Zoltan S. Spakovszky                        (USA)

Dr. David C. Wisler                                     (USA)




Prof. Yutaka Ohta (Chair)                           (Waseda Univ.)

Prof. Susumu Teramoto (Vice-chair)          (Univ. of Tokyo)

General Affairs Committee

Prof. Takehiro Himeno (Chair)                    (Univ. of Tokyo)

Prof. Yutaka Oda                                        (Kansai Univ.)

Dr. Masaya Suzuki                                     (JAXA)

Program Committee

Prof. Ryoichi Kurose (Chair)                       (Kyoto Univ.)

Prof. Masaya Muto                                     (Meijo Univ.)

Events Committee

Mr. Takashi Kishine (Chair)                        (MHI)

Mr. Akitomo Tsukahara                               (MHI)

Exhibit Committee

Mr. Yusuke Sakai (Chair)                           (KHI)

Mr. Ryoji Tamai                                           (KHI)

Financial Committee

Mr. Tsutomu Oishi (Chair)                           (IHI)

Dr. Karin Hirakawa                                    (IHI)